What Is It Like Being a Truck Driver in the US?

What Is It Like Being a Truck Driver in the US?

Did you know that 3.5 million people are working as truckers in the United States? Truck drivers add a critical element to our society because they deliver goods to countless stores across the country.

Without truck drivers, we would not have the same amount of food and other items at our disposal today. But have you ever wondered what it is like being a truck driver?

It is a profession that requires tons of dedication, long hours, and rewarding experiences. If you want to know what the like of a truck driver is like, keep reading this informative article.

Long Hours

The first thing to know about truck driver jobs is the hours they work. The average truck driver will typically put in about 70 hours over an eight-day work period. However, on the road, truck drivers must abide by strict laws regarding their hours.

For instance, a trucker can only work eleven hours a day. That is the maximum amount of hours as mandated by the FMSCA. After a certain point, truckers will become tired.

When this happens, it is best to keep them off the road, both for their safety and everyone else’s. Along with that rule, truckers may not work more than 70 hours per week. Once they reach that 70-hour mark, they must take 34 hours to rest before they hop back onto the road.

Early Mornings

The life of a truck driver begins early in the morning. A lot of them prefer to get a head start even before the sun comes out.

That provides them with a nice long day to drive to their destination. It also makes up for time spent loading and unloading their haul.

Flexible Shifts

Truckers typically choose their hours. So, they don’t have a set schedule. They will choose when to take shifts.

They also decide what time of day they start, like morning or night. Of course, this depends on the business. Some allow their company drivers to make their hours, while others abide by stricter rules.

Lots of Miles

With truck driving, you will put in miles as you’ve never seen before. Most truckers have a mileage quota they need to meet.

So, they can expect to rack up about 125,000 miles per year. If you break that down, that’s 2,500 miles every week.

You Get to See New Places

One of the main benefits of becoming a trucker is traveling. Sure, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, but you do have to stop at some point.

When you do, that’s your opportunity to explore for a little bit. Trucker jobs allow you to see the country while you work. Plus, you might learn or see things in each town that you never would as a tourist.

More on Being a Truck Driver

As you can tell, several things go into a being a truck driver. If you are thinking about becoming a truck driver, prepare for long hours and early morning starts.

That said, the experience is very positive as it allows you the freedom to drive and see the country. If you require a truck driver to make shipments, Yep! Commerce is here to help.

We employ some of the most reputable services around. Please, feel free to contact us and request a quote today. No matter what size truckload or service you need, we are happy to be of assistance!

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