Transportation of Goods by Truck: Understanding the Basics

Transportation of Goods by Truck: Understanding the Basics

In 2021, the revenue size of the truck transport industry reached $1.8339 trillion globally. Market indicators show that this industry will grow at a CAGR of 9.1% to $2.594 trillion between 2022 and 2026.

You can categorize the transportation of goods by truck into general and specialized freight transportation. Specialized freight transporters deal with the transportation of goods that need expert handling.

Usually, general freight transportation involves the use of pallets and can get transported in a van trailer.

Different freight transport trucks are suitable for varying types of tasks. Also, there are times when a one size fits all solution may not apply to your specific needs.

This article provides you with the different types of trucks for transporting goods. Read on to learn more.

Semi-Trailer Trucks

These are the most popular trucks because they can meet most of your freight transportation needs. You can load these types of trucks from the back or the side.

You can also load from above after you remove the tent cover. Without the tent cover, a semi-trailer truck resembles a big pick-up truck.

These trucks can transport a maximum of 24,000 kg load. Besides, semi-trailer trucks can transport goods in pallets.

Straight Trucks

Some call these trucks box trucks, cube vans, or cube trucks. These trucks carry your goods on the same chassis with the cab and power unit.

Unlike semi-trailer trucks, you can only load cube vans from the back. Straight trucks are commonly used to transport furniture and other small cargo.

Besides, most people prefer using these trucks when moving out for being more secure than semi-trailer trucks. You won’t worry about your goods getting damaged by the elements.

Jumbo-Trailer Truck

This is a more spacious semi-trailer truck. The truck has a G-shaped floor and small diameter wheels.

The maximum weight a Jumbo-trailer truck can carry is 24,000 kg. You can use this truck when transporting goods in large volumes, and you can load from all three sides of the truck.

Tail-Lift Trucks

These types of trucks are commonly used for distribution transport. Tail-lift trucks have a lifting mechanism that allows you to load cargo easily.

This truck can handle a maximum load capacity ranging between 500 to 2000 kg. However, this will depend on the type of tail lift attached to the truck.

You can only load your goods onto the truck from the back.

Truck Trailer

Truck trailers allow you to load and offload your cargo faster. Besides, you enjoy more than enough space to transport your goods.

Truck trailers can carry up to 25 tons of load capacity. Even though you have a large loading volume, you may encounter some problems if you’re carrying goods with long lengths.

These trucks will also keep your cargo safe from damage by the elements.

Flatbed Trucks

These trucks have a body that’s a flat-level bed without a roof or sides. Flatbed freight transportation trucks are commonly used to move oversized cargo.

These freight transporters also transport cars to a show or an exhibition. Flatbed trucks can carry a maximum of 25 tons, and you can load your cargo from any of the three open sides.

Truck Transportation of Goods

Transportation of goods by truck is reliable and a flexible means of freight transportation. You can choose the type of trucks you want depending on the type of cargo you want to move.

Be sure to find a reputable truck transportation company for your needs. Besides, ensure your freight transporters are affordable and provide quality services.

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