Top 6 Factors to Consider When Hiring Trucking Companies

Top 6 Factors to Consider When Hiring Trucking Companies

Delivering your product safely, on time, and cost-effectively are just as important as the product itself.  Not everyone has the ability to deliver on their own trucks, which means sometimes we must rely on a carrier service for help.

Finding the right trucking company to help with your deliveries requires knowing your options. Here are factors to consider when hiring trucking companies.

1. Hiring Trucking Companies With Experience

A company with a good reputation and a long history of great customer service is usually a company you can trust. If they have been around for years and have continued success in the market, they generally don’t make the same mistakes that younger companies make.

Do your due diligence and research the company by reading online reviews or speaking with ally companies that have used them in the past. You don’t want to put your business at risk with your own customers by hiring an inexperienced carrier that can fail on a crucial delivery.

2. Culture Speaks Volumes

Find a trucking company that shares similar values and culture with your own business. When you share common values and, you both understand what is expected from them and yourself to complete the job successfully. When both companies are working on the same set of values, the hired trucking company will demonstrate what is important in a job well done.

3. Equipment

Before hiring the trucking company, schedule a walkthrough to inspect the equipment and the different type of trucks that will be delivering your freight. You want to ensure that they have proper working equipment, equipment that can accomplish the job and back up equipment, to prevent delivery failures.

Safety is the main priority when considering the trucking company’s equipment. The equipment should be serviced regularly and working properly within safety guidelines. Also, make sure they have the proper license and insurance.

4. Technology

A good and trustworthy trucking company will make the necessary upgrades to how they run their business. Though not only includes upgraded hardware, but also software that allows tracking to be streamlined and simplified with current satellite technologies. You want freight to be only a click or two away.

5. Sustainability

Most companies are moving toward environmentally conscious and green practices and policies. Identifying a company that understands the environmental impact of its services and works to reduce the footprint is important. A lot of customers prefer sustainability and in the companies delivering to them.

6. Customization and Flexibility

Hiring trucking companies that have the ability to be flexible and customize their business to fit your needs is essential. Because all businesses are different and require different trucking services, a trucking company that only offers a boilerplate delivery service may not be what you’re looking for.

Let’s Hit The Road

These 6 factors can help you choose the best company for you. Prioritize your needs and do your research, get references and reviews to yield the best results. Hiring trucking companies that successfully deliver time and time again is essential to your business. Contact us to start a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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