Three Types of Freight Transportation Services

Three Types of Freight Transportation Services

In 2017, trucks carried 71.6% of the value of goods shipped in the US. That’s $10.4 trillion of the $14.5 trillion of goods transported that year.

Trucks are integral to the movement of commodities in the United States and the World. But what are the main modes of freight transportation?

Read through this guide to understand the primary freight transportation services and how they work to move commodities from place to place.

What Is Freight?

To start, you should understand what the shipping industry means by “freight”. Typically, any shipment that is greater than 150 pounds is considered freight. Freight transportation is the shipping of any commodities, goods, and cargo.

The main methods include:

  • Truck
  • Aircraft
  • Ship
  • Train

The many modes of transportation allow global trade to occur. The rest of this article will dive into the details of truck shipping.

Full Truckload

Many freight transportation companies offer a variety of truck freight options. The first option is “full truckload”. A full truckload is optimum when you need to move more than 15,000 pounds of goods.

A full truckload offers a cost-effective option for transporting large quantities of items. Also, because everything in the truck is going to the same place, it’s often faster than other options.

Full truckload shipping can provide a safer ride for the items because there is less shifting around of items for loading and unloading. However, any company you use to move your items should provide a quality guarantee for all methods of transportation.


If you don’t need the entirety of a semi-truck to move your items, a less-than-truckload (LTL) would be the option for you. In fact, if you have less to move than a truckload amount (between 150 to 15,000 pounds) the LTL option is a reliable and cost-effective method.

This option is economical and eco-friendly because it combines different businesses’ freight trips. This cuts down on the number of trips large trucks have to take. While it can take longer than other methods, proper planning ensures that your items arrive when you need them.

Intermodal Transportation

The last main method of truck freight transportation is intermodal transportation. This combines truck transportation with other modes of transportation, most often rail transportation.

If you’re looking for container freight transportation, this is a great option. Taking advantage of rail transportation reduces fuel use and the associated costs. Because of the extensive railroad systems throughout Mexico and Canada, intermodal transportation allows for quick shipping anywhere in North America.

The Basics of Freight Transportation

Now that you understand intermodal transportation, less-than-truckload, and full truckload, you understand the basics of freight transportation.

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