Three Tips for Transporting Cargo Safely and Effectively

Three Tips for Transporting Cargo Safely and Effectively

Transporting cargo in a safe way is a major concern for all stakeholders. These cargo trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and have a stopping distance of two football fields. If the cargo is not correctly loaded or the transportation does not follow the legal guidance, then some serious damage can happen.

In 2018 over 200,000 accidents were associated with the transportation industry. These accidents can be life-threatening to the driver, to members of the public, and damage the cargo. In this article, you’ll read about three tips for transporting cargo in a safe manner that all cargo transportation services should adopt.

1. Well Maintained Brakes

The brakes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when transporting cargo but when you’re moving 80,000 pounds of weight at speed you need to be able to stop. That is especially true on a steep decline or wet surfaces.

Due to the heavy load and longer stopping distance of trucks, the breaks are subject to more stress and wear than normal car brakes. This means that the brakes need to be well maintained so that they can be in top-performing condition all of the time. Therefore a major consideration when transporting cargo is how fast the vehicle can stop as that will key factor in reducing accidents.

2. Balance Load Distribution

If you’ve ever loaded up a wheelbarrow and pushed it from A to B you’ll understand the importance of a well-balanced load. Put simply, if the load is not balanced, the weight distribution on the vehicle will cause uneven stress on the vehicle. The worst-case scenario is that the load can tip when cornering or in high winds.

Drivers play a key role in checking that the cargo is correctly loaded onto the vehicle. They must inspect the load before driving off. This is particularly important when you have mixed loads from multiple companies sharing a shipment such as LTL (less than truckload).

3. Correct Load Lashing

Not all lashings are equal. They come in different lengths, different widths, different attachments, and different strengths. It is imperative the correct lashings are matched to the vehicle and load that is being carried. The load-bearing capacity of the lashings needs to be four times greater than the maximum load capacity of the vehicle.

Using the wrong lashings to save time or money is short-sighted and dangerous. The weight of the cargo is only one of the variables. When you add the velocity of the truck and its effect on the cargo during acceleration and braking, you need the best lashing available to ensure safe transport.

Transporting Cargo Successfully

In this article, you’ve read about three tips for transporting cargo in a safe and effective way. You should only use cargo transport solutions that follow these principles. You’ve spent a lot of money on your precious cargo and you want to know that it will get to its destination as intended.

Before you choose a provider it is good to do some research on their website so that you can feel confident your cargo will be safe. If you’re wondering how much do these services cost then you can get a quote here.

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