International Cargo Shipping: How to Deal With Delays

International Cargo Shipping: How to Deal With Delays

Did you know that the most common reasons for delays in international shipping are congestion in airports, bad weather, and customs issues? Unfortunately, these delays are commonplace and should be considered when cargo shipping anything.

Do you need to ship something internationally? Read on to learn how to prepare for delays and discover some handy workarounds.

Cargo Ship Tracking

Are you experiencing delays in your sea cargo shipping? Having a reliable shipment tracking method for your cargo ship will enable you to better communicate issues.

Using real-time tracking will reduce anxiety for you either as a customer or the shipping company, as you know where the cargo is at all times.

Offer Free Shipping

Not everyone might be sold on the idea of giving shipping for free. Still, as a company shipping a product or cargo, offering this service for free will significantly reduce your customer’s expectations for faster shipping.

Your customers won’t expect same-day delivery or even next-day delivery. You can then do your best to improve your shipping times and avoid future delays.

Communicating Cargo Shipping Delays

One of the first things you should do when there is a delay in any shipping is to contact the customer and communicate throughout the process.

Using social media or messaging services is an excellent way to communicate. But the better option is to make direct calls to your customer. Making direct calls will provide the customer with peace of mind, and they will appreciate the effort you took to call them.

Offers And Discounts

Providing your customers with offers and discounts will help neutralize some of their frustration if there is a considerable delay or if your cargo ship is stuck.

Of course, this will cost your company in the long run, but it will ensure you don’t get bad reviews that can turn away future customers.

Partnerships With Suppliers

Work with domestic suppliers with warehouses or storage facilities in each country. This will reduce delays because they can fill your orders from the closest warehouses.

These partnerships are crucial because your shipping time is reduced, and you aren’t affected by outside factors like customs or bad weather delaying the delivery of the cargo shipping container.

Stuck In Transit

Many delivery vehicles experience failures and breakdowns while out delivering. The same can be said for international even the largest cargo ship—mechanical failures can cause delays.

Making web-based tracking or a cargo ship map available to your customer can help mitigate some of the frustration you and the customer may feel. Calling the customer and explaining the delay before they notice it will help nip any emerging situation in the bud.

Don’t Fear The Delays

In any business, delays are commonplace, and most of the time, not much can be done to prevent them. As frustrating as they can be, constant communication and meeting the challenge head will provide the customer with a good experience and benefit your business in the long run.

Are you looking for a reliable cargo shipping company that always keeps you in the loop? Get in touch with our team today and see what we can do for you!

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