How Much Does Freight Shipping Cost? 5 Factors That Affect the Price

How Much Does Freight Shipping Cost? 5 Factors That Affect the Price

Are you ready to ship freight and unsure about the costs? Whether you’re new to freight or you’re experienced in logistics, you should always analyze costs since they’re ever-changing. Understanding the factors of freight costs helps you drive down prices while increasing service.

Freight shipping cost is determined by a ton of factors, so you don’t want to be caught with any expensive surprises. It’s important to get your freight package delivered safely at a rate that works best for you. Be prepared for what you may have to pay with this freight shipping cost calculator.

Container Load

The size and weight of the freight package you’re shipping will impact your large freight shipping cost. This will be dependant on a Full Container Load (FCL) versus a Less thank Container Load (LCL). A freight forwarder can also get a discounted rate based on volume agreements.

A full container load has a flat fee per 20′, 40′, and 40′ High cube container. A less container load involves cargo that doesn’t fill the entirety of the shipping container. LCL or groupage shipping costs are determined by a pro-rata rate per 1000 kgs or a cubic meter.

Type of Freight

Freight shipping costs will vary for air, road, and sea freight services. The freight carrier determines the costs for the different types of freight shipping. Ground freight shipping costs are often cheaper compared to air and sea.

Sea freight shipping rates will vary based on surcharges for hauling, handling, and fuel. Air freight is fast but will typically be the most expensive, averaging $4 per kg or more. It’s smart to check with each carrier to find their list of rates and surcharges based on the type of freight shipping.

Shipping Distance

The distance that your package is traveling is another major factor for freight shipping costs. The farther the distance, the more expensive your costs will be. This is due to the amount of handling and fuel costs that are tied with the shipping distance.

Delivery Times

If you want your freight package delivered on a certain date or time, there could be extra costs. Carriers typically offer a range of service times with standard or express services.

Express freight shipping isn’t always as quick as shipping a normal package overnight due to the extra hauling. Express freight shipping will still cost you significantly more to ship a freight package in a matter of days. Standard delivery can take up to a week or two, and it will be the cheapest option.


There are many surcharges for freight shipping that account for the costs associated with handling such a large load. Shipping containers are more expensive, so that they’re more durable. Fuel costs are also more expensive due to the weight and modes of transport.

You may also want to consider convenience options that can be included with freight shipping. White glove services cost extra but can be helpful when you need the carrier to bring a heavy package into the house. This is also useful if you need assistance assembling a piece of furniture or related product.

Understanding the Factors That Affect Freight Shipping Cost

Now that you have a better understanding of freight shipping costs, you’re more empowered to ship safely and affordably. Find transparency and discuss surcharges and costs for different types of freight shipping. The right freight carrier will give you peace of mind the next time you ship.

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