Here’s How Trucking Companies Are Effectively Utilizing Technology

Here’s How Trucking Companies Are Effectively Utilizing Technology

When you think of trucking companies, technology may not be the first thing that crosses your mind. Millions of truckers haul goods from point A to point B across thousands of miles of highways.

Nothing hi-tech there, right?

Wrong! Trucking is a complicated industry. Trucking companies rely on technology as much as any other modern-day business.

How do trucking companies use technology? Here are a few of the ways!

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Logistics is a huge part of the trucking business. Drivers don’t only drive goods to one place and leave them.

Coordinating shipments is a complicated business. The IoT makes supply chain management more efficient and provides opportunities for expansion.

What is the IoT? It’s all the devices with shared data connections across the internet.

These shared devices offer access to real-time data, making logistics less of a headache. A good example is cross-docking goods. Cross-docking is often more efficient than sending several trucks across the country.

The IoT also offers high-tech cloud-based solutions for freight monitoring. These technologies notify truckers with real-time alerts about freight conditions. Alerts include freight temperature and even precarious tilt angles of parcels and pallets.

High-Tech Electric Trucks

Trucking companies play a big role in the world’s move away from fossil fuels. Heavy-duty trucks only comprise about 4% of the vehicles on the road, yet they consume about 20% of the fuel.

Trucking companies embracing high-tech electric fleets are the wave of the future. Other high-tech features include safety innovations, such as lane-assisted technology and braking-assist technology.

Safer, high-tech trucks mean fewer accidents and breakdowns.

Shipment Tracking Systems

Today’s deliveries come at lightning speed. You place an order on Amazon and sometimes receive it within a day or even sooner.

That’s because trucking companies use advanced technologies for freight logistics. They also pass that information to you, the consumer.

After placing an order, you receive a link to the shipment. You can track the shipment until it reaches your door.

Advanced tracking systems make the delivery and trucking business more efficient. Some of this tracking is through RFID systems. These are radio frequency identification systems.

A tag attached to each shipment sends radio waves to a reader. The trucking company uses these tags to track shipments.

Customer Service

Social media has upped the customer service game for many trucking companies.

Have a question or concern? Tweet straight to the company and have an answer within minutes, without looking for a phone number or waiting on hold.

Trucking Companies Effective Use of Technology

If you think trucking companies are low-tech, think again! Trucking companies make effective use of technology.

The IoT and advanced trucks are making more efficient driving and delivering the future of the trucking business. Trucks are at the forefront of driver-assisted technology with lane-assist and brake-assist features.

The next time you have something delivered to your door, thank a high-tech trucking company!

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