From Point A to Point B: The Stages of Freight Trucking

From Point A to Point B: The Stages of Freight Trucking

Do you need to move freight for your business needs? If so, you would be surprised how simple the process is. With the introduction of technology into the freight industry, it is easier than ever to book and send large consignments.

Freight trucking is really simple, and most of all, your cargo will be safe at all times. Below, we outline the freight trucking process in our must-know guide.

Freight Trucking Process Early Stages

The process starts when a business calls a broker for a freight pickup. The broker will collect all the necessary information. This is vital, and they will need to know what is being shipped, the amount, and special orders, events, or if it is a regular shipment.

If the shipper and broker have access to freight technology, this can be done electronically. The information is provided without the use of email or phone, and the pickup is arranged immediately.

Once the broker has this, they will schedule the pickup. The broker will know a number of drivers who have the correct equipment, experience, and insurances. They will find the right one for you, then send them to collect your goods.

Loading and Pick Up

Once the driver has the pick-up information, they will begin to load your goods and transport them. They will seal or lock your goods on the truck, then you will need to sign a bill of lading. This hands responsibility over to the driver for the cargo.

Throughout the freight trucking logistics process and movement, the broker will stay in touch with the driver using GPS technology. They will be able to tell if everything is on track and schedule and relay that information to you.

Arriving at the Destination

Once the driver arrives at the place of delivery, he will document the time. This is so he is not liable if the receiver delays. Once he unloads the cargo, the receiver will sign the bill of lading to show that they have received the items.

When signing, they must check the consignment fully. They must note any damages or missing cargo. Once they have signed it off, the driver can hand to bill over to the broker, after which the shipper is sent an invoice for payment.

As well as an invoice, the shipper may receive other items of important documentation. This could include lumber receipts, driver work receipts, and rate confirmation.

Hiring a Company

Once you know how safe and simple the freight trucking process is, you just need to get started. Find a company with a track record in excellence by looking at reviews online, or asking other businesses in the area who they use. You will quickly find an excellent company to service all your needs.

Your first stop should be Global Trans Auto. We have everything you could need to get your shipment on the road and to its destination, fast. Click here for a free quote and let us get your freight out starting today!

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