Finding the Right Cross Docking Services for Your Business

Finding the Right Cross Docking Services for Your Business

The pandemic has changed how we work and live. Companies need ways to strengthen the supply chain. From reducing costs and protecting workers, solutions are in high demand.

The supply chain is still vulnerable, and getting products where they’re needed on time can be challenging. If you’re a business owner, there’s one service you’ll find helpful. Keep reading to learn more about cross-docking services!

What are Cross-Docking Services?

In logistics, products move along the line from production to store shelves. In most cases, goods will spend time sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere, waiting to get shipped out to last-mile delivery. Sometimes that’s to a retailer or a final distribution center for individual delivery.

Cross-docking is a part of the lean supply chain where goods are unloaded from one truck to another, spending limited to no time in a warehouse. Cross-docking saves time, money, and storage space by efficiently moving products from point A to point B.

Cross-docking services need planning and communication to work well. When done right, it provides a cost and time reduction that benefits both sides of the supply chain.

Benefits of Cross Docking

Time and cost reductions are great, but those aren’t the only benefits! Cross-docking also reduces material handling, preventing the potential for damage. Cross-docking can also provide a central site for product handling and reduces overhead.

Who Benefits From Cross Docking?

Imports and exports commonly use cross-docking services, but it’s a performant solution for anyone in the supply chain. Whether your business services warehouses or you’re a small retailer, a good cross-docking strategy is sure to help.

Time Sensitive Goods

Anyone involved with time-sensitive goods benefits from cross-docking services. Shrink or loss is an essential factor in the retail space, so lessening that potential is important.

Cross-docking brings goods from supplier to retailer much faster than other methods. Time-sensitive goods hit the shelves sooner, ensuring they make it to consumers’ hands without expiring.

Managing Multiple Suppliers

Companies that diversify their suppliers often have a more robust supply chain. However, managing all those shipments can become a logistical nightmare. A cross-docking strategy helps businesses reduce the impact of multiple suppliers.

Finding a Logistics Partner

Finding a good partner is vital no matter what industry or side of the supply chain you’re on! If your partner has limited experience with cross-docking, they won’t be effective, costing you time and money.

A good partner understands the industry and works with you to implement a good cross-docking strategy. Inexperienced partners won’t be able to support your supply chain as effectively.

Yep! Commerce Logistics

At Yep! Commerce, we’re industry-leading professionals with dedicated cross-dock services. We work with you and your team to support your logistics, ensuring a successful strategy. No matter what your needs are, we have a solution for you!

If you have any questions about our cross-dock services or how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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