5 Revolutionizing Transportation Technology Trends

5 Revolutionizing Transportation Technology Trends

Did you know that 72.5% of all freight is moved around the country by trucks?

This makes trucking a central part of the entire shipping and transportation industry. Responsible for over $730 billion in gross freight revenue, trucking is responsible for over 80% of all transportation costs in the United States.

While the industry has never been stronger, innovation and technology have enabled the transportation sector to grow significantly. New technology has given both customers and managers the ability to streamline the entire process logistically and financially.

Are you interested in the future of transportation technology? You’re in the right place. Here are 5 technologies aimed at revolutionizing the trucking industry.

1. Cloud-Based Management Systems

The most important part of running and managing a fleet of trucks is to have a reliable GPS. While GPS is still widely used, cloud-based technology has taken this to a whole new level. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, managers can keep accurate track of everything from a variety of devices.

This can allow managers to run complex route recalculations and various other intensive tasks from anywhere, anytime. This helps to increase productivity across the board, making the entire process more time and cost-effective.

2. Route Optimization

Modern technology has made calculating routes a lot more efficient. Logistics technology can help to run complex algorithms remotely. This can then help come up with optimized routes for trucks to be as efficient as possible.

3. Digital Freight Matching

Digital Freight Matching, also known as DFM, is when customers can leverage cloud and mobile technology to match their needs with a truck transport company’s available space. This can help cut down on the time it takes for a customer to find someone to help them with their shipment.

4. Self-Driving Trucks

The shortage of truck drivers has been a growing trend all around the world. Modern cars come standard with features like lane-keep assist, dynamic cruise control, and even emergency braking. However, the development of automated driving technology has made self-driving trucks a real possibility.

5. Hybrid and Electric Trucks

Although it has been spoken about before, electric trucks are definitely on the horizon. With companies like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz making their ambitions public, the trucking industry is bound for a massive upgrade in the next few decades.

Electric trucks may be the future, but hybrid technology can become a reality much sooner. These innovative powertrains leverage both traditional and electrical power to move across the country in the most efficient way possible.

Use Transportation Technology to Streamline Your Cargo Needs

Transportation technology has had a significant impact on every sector around the world. Within the transportation industry, modern cloud-based management systems and innovative algorithms can be leveraged to create logistically and financially efficient routes for all your cargo needs.

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