3 Tips for Finding a Reputable Logistics Company

3 Tips for Finding a Reputable Logistics Company

The effectiveness, reliability, and reputation of your own business can be greatly affected when your supply chain isn’t operating correctly. This is why you need to be selective when choosing a logistic company to partner with. But how do you know when a business is reputable?

There are a few things to be on the lookout for when judging the quality of third-party logistics companies. Continue reading to find tips that will help you find a high-quality logistics company.

Ask the Right Questions

Before choosing a logistics company to work with, you’ll want to have several conversations with them. Vetting your potential partners is key to understanding how they operate and how you will mesh together.

Never feel bad for asking plenty of questions. A quality logistics company should be happy to answer. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is this a one-size-fits-all solution or is it customizable for my needs?
  • Are they a long-term partner or does it just work for now?
  • How is the partnership measured?
  • As my business grows, will they be able to adjust to my needs?
  • What happens when a mistake or mishap occurs in the supply chain?
  • What types of technology support their operation?
  • How well is communication handled?
  • Does their industry expertise meet my requirements? (I.e. logistics trucking company)


When you are deciding to buy a product or use a service, you probably look at reviews. The process should be the same when considering a logistics partner. People they have previously worked with can give you insight into how they believe the company did/does.

Testimonials, references, and reviews are a great way to get some insight into their reputation. You’ll probably have similar experiences based on these reviews. Excellent places to find reviews online are Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t Always Choose the Lowest Bidder

In 2021, companies spent $1.56 trillion on logistics costs. You have a budget to work with and it’s no secret that money is always a factor in business. However, asking for the price first may disqualify those with unimaginable ROI.

How a company chooses to price its solutions can be a hint at how they view their services. This is why the lowest bidder isn’t always the best choice. Before considering the price, consider factors such as industry expertise, support, warehouse management systems (cross-docking), and the questions included above.

Finding a Trusted Logistics Company

When looking for partners, you want to find those that will only improve your business. This can be a difficult task as it puts your business at risk. Using these tips as a reference when vetting can help you make the right decision when selecting a logistics company.

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